Advantages of PVC Blinds

PVC blinds are considered as the most upgraded form of windows treatment. Replacing the traditional method of covering windows with curtains, these are not only cost effective but environmentally responsible as well. PVC Blinds have become extremely popular among homeowners. With their versatile features and flexibility, they definitely add value to your property. If you are still unsure, read the below benefits which will help you assess your domestic needs.

What are the advantages of PVC blinds?

Durable: With top quality material used for such blinds, it can assure you of longer durability than its counterparts. It is a proven fact that PVC blinds can last up to 10-15 years, if cleaned effectively and  maintained efficiently. If purchased from and installed by the industry specialists, you can be rest assured of continued service for years.

Keeps harmful UV rays at bay: the adverse impact of UV rays is no secret. It not only takes a toll on human health, it also damages furniture and other furnishings, indoor. PVC blinds not only helps you protect the health of your loved ones and belongings, it also helps in controlling appropriate light levels inside your property.

Cost Effective: Save your energy bills with PVC blinds. It helps trapping heat and reduces the cost of heater installations during winters and by allowing a free passage for cool breeze through their partial openings, saves you from high utility bills, for air conditioners, during summers.   

Affordable: Low maintenance costs make PVC blinds affordable. Due to an easy installation process involved, expenses are much lower than what you might have otherwise thought .

Aesthetic Value: With newer patterns and designs doing the rounds in the market, PVC blinds are excellent sources of increasing the aesthetic value of your property by giving it a chic look.

If you are in Swansea and looking for PVC blinds or roller blinds, Gower Blinds Ltd is where your search comes to an end. They are well established in the industry and have years of expertise in the business. Give us a shout today and see how your property transforms into sophistication par excellence.

Blackout Blinds Equals to Peaceful Sleep

At the end of the day, all you need is a good amount of sleep to rejuvenate your body and soul, especially if you had a toilsome day. Poor sleep can lead to health hazards like increasing the risk of high blood pressure or heart disease or even chronic digestion problems, to name a few. While this is true, sleeping properly helps you in preventing depression, improving the immune system and strengthening your memory. A disturbed sleep is no less threatening to your health. One of the most common reasons for broken sleep could be too much external light entering your room. Installing Blackout Blinds could be a perfect answer to the concern. For uninterrupted sleep, blocking out the light is necessary. Blackout Blinds prevent sunlight from entering your bedroom and even restricts outside noise. Some other added features are as follows-

Darker rooms and thick curtains are the easiest ways to improve your sleep quality. This ensures that your sleep regime is well maintained, and you do not have to wake up before time – due to noise and light. Covering your window with appropriate blinds can give you a peaceful and undisturbed sleep without any doubt.

  • Exterior noise can be like gall down your throat, especially early in the morning. However, a good blackout blind can completely reduce the noise levels from entering your premises. This means you can now ditch your otherwise accomplice, the ear plugs, while enjoying your sleep.
  • The bonus factor about blackout blinds is that it helps you to keep your energy bills lower. These screens are made from thick material which can help insulate your room by keeping the heat or air blocked.

Blackout blinds are available in several styles and colors which make it an attractive addition to your home. While you prefer such an amazing feature for your bedroom, aim to get help from Gower Blinds in Swansea. Other than blackout blinds, you can also add Vertical Blinds, wooden blinds, roller blinds and so on to upgrade the look of your home. From measuring to fitting, the professional blind experts will help you out even in cases when you have run out of home improvement ideas.

When The Lights Blind You, Vertical Blinds Come To The Rescue

Often we hear many positive references to light such as “let the sun shine and brighten up the life”, “let the rays show ways of life” and many others. While these are great to be used rhetorically and metaphorically, in true sense direct light on your eyes or in the room can be a real pain. If you need to dim the lights then having vertical blinds are of great help as they obstruct the rays of the sun from entering the room.

The market has a wide variety of choice when it comes to blinds and this is the reason why users are spoilt for choices. However, it completely depends on the purpose of the purchase. If you want basic blinds then it is suggested that you go with aluminium blinds as they are strong and durable in their nature.

If you are on the lookout for vertical or made to measure blinds in Swansea, Llanelli and Bridgendthen Gower Blinds is your go-to professional. We are immensely reputable for our premium quality blinds and have clients who trust us and also recommend us to their acquaintances for any sort of blinds requirements.

Why Roller Blinds Are So Effective For Your Windows?

When you enter any house, you tend to look at everything in detail ranging from the colour scheme you are going for to what blinds you want putting up to help cover your windows. Most people who have an eye for beauty, make sure that every part of the home to be perfect and when it comes to window blinds, you want something trendy and effective. While talking about something different and efficient, why not try Roller Blinds for your windows. Roller Blinds are such window coverings that significantly impact the windows and how they look. They have many benefits that offer a flawless look to your windows. Some other attractive features of roller blinds are:

• A roller blind often comes in a wide variety of colours which can help bring a colourful look to your room. From block colours to floral patterns, you can experiencebespoke designs so you will never be short of options when picking a design that best suits you.

• These secured blinds are completely safe for everyone to use as they are easy to operate

• High quality blinds can help block out the light that enters the home, so if you are trying to have a little lie in on the morning, high quality blinds will help block out the sun.

• Often it is seen that some blinds are difficult to operate and the repairing can be really costly whereas roller blinds are easy to clean and less expensive than other blinds.

If you are still facing a dilemma, you can contact Gower Blinds Ltd. The friendly expert services that they offer can be acquired throughout Swansea, Llanelli and Bridgend. You can also get a free measurement quote for Venetian Blinds that offer a classic and versatile look to your windows. You will be sure to find blinds that fit what you are looking for.