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Blackout Blinds to Embrace the Darkness

During World War II people used to put black curtains or paste black papers on the window glasses to prevent the lights from the candles exposing their existence to the enemy. The process to save lives from unwanted attacks or staying invisible from enemies slowly became an essential part in people’s lives and it became another accessory to decorate the rooms. It is now called “Blackout blinds”. The name itself bears the history of these unique kinds of curtains which “blind” or “cut out” the lights from coming inside the room.

Firstly you need to know what blackout blinds are.

A blackout blind is a roll of opaque fabric stored inside a cassette. The fabric rolls within the side channels to make sure that there is no light leaking through the edges. These are often called “dim-out blinds” too because most of them don’t ensure complete blocking of exterior light

What is the use of these blinds?

The primary use of these blinds is to block lights around the edges of a window. These blinds are usually used in rooms where AV presentations take place or in institutions with interactive whiteboards. In photographic laboratories to they are used to completely block out lights from penetrating inside the room.

With generic window treatment, you may end up with blinds that are not perfectly fit for the windows. So it is prudent to go for custom blinds so that it will fit perfectly and you don’t have to compromise with the appearance of the room.

Are you planning to use blackout blinds instead of regular curtains or drapes to block out lights from your room or your office? Make the right choice before buying one because even though you need to block the lights you still want your blinds to look great and match with the interiors of the room. Gower Blinds Ltd in Swansea is a well-known provider who can offer you the exact kind of blind that you want for your office or your room. Contact them today to get the best service available in the industry.